The Grand Hymn
This is taken from SONG FOR TALES OF THE ABYSS, the songs in that CD are songs that Motoo Fujiwara exclusively composed for Abyss.

In case anyone would like to see the Japanese lyrics, they are shown in white below their corresponding English lyrics, along with a mouse-over comment on the last line in parentheses. (IMO, the Japanese lyrics are a gazillion times beautiful than what I can do with English, hahaha. Or maybe I just suck 8D?) As well, if my prounounciation translation of the words are too hard grasp, there is another version in the Tales of the Abyss board in

Twei Rei Tsuae Croix Ryo Twei Tsuae
トゥエ レィ ツェ クロア リョ トゥエ ツェ
Melodies that are invited into the Abyss

Croix Ryo Tsuae Twei Ryo Rei Nevu Ryo Tsuae
クロア リョ ツェ トゥエ リョ レィ ネゥ リョ ツェ
Tuned by the one that secures and protects

Va Rei Zaei Twei Nevu Tsuae Ryo Tsuae Croix
ヴァ レィ ズェ トゥエ ネゥ ツェ リョ ツェ クロア
Voices of the grand magnificent angels

Ryo Rei Croix Ryo Tsuae Rei Va Tsuae Rei
リョ レィ クロア リョ ツェ レィ ヴァ ツェ レィ
A healing melody filled with the Goddess' benevolence

Va Nevu Va Rei Va Nevu Va Tsuae Rei
ヴァ ネゥ ヴァ レィ ヴァ ネゥ ヴァ ツェ レィ
A violent tune that exterminates all evil into ashes

Croix Ryo Croix Nevu Tsuae Rei Croix Ryo Tsuae Rei Va
クロア リョ クロア ネゥ ツェ レィ クロア リョ ツェ レィ ヴァ
The champions' chariots are shining brightly, the singing voices of the Gods

Rei Va Nevu Croix Twei Rei Rei
レィ ヴァ ネゥ クロア トゥエ レィ レィ