Library Information : Grand Chokmah
This page is here in case anyone wonders what the Japanese version of the library says. There aren't any differences between the versions, it's just for reference.

The Secret of Grand Chokmah
Grand Chokmah, seat of the great Emperor of Malkuth, is built on the sea, and is often called the "Water Capital" for the beauty of the aqueducts running thtough the city.
However, in times of crisis, this "Water Capital" becomes an impregnable fortress. The aqueducts form a barrier around the palace, preventing invasion by sea. It is also possible to secretly launch battleships through water-filled underground tunnels.

All About Fonic Artes
The techniques for controlling the fonons that compose all things are called "fonic artes". Those who study and use fonic artes are called "fonists".
The word "fonist" generally refers to those who use the First through Sixth Fonons.

The Makings of Marking
"Marking" is the act of placing fonic "marks" into others' fon slots so that they are not affected by wide-range fonic artes. These "marks" are not physical objects, but closer to fon verses inscribved on the target. This ensures that the area effect attacks damage only the enemy and not the allies.
However, it is important to remember that marking only functions when the target is visible to the fonist, limiting the viability of using fonic artes on the battle field.
第一音素 闇  
第二音素 土  
第三音素 風
第四音素 水  
第五音素 火  
第六音素 光

What Are Fonons?
The sound signals emitted by all things. Living things, material things, even the planet itself have a characteristic bivrations, which are accompanied by sound. These can be divided into six major groups. Differences in the element, vibration, and connection create matter in all its variety.
First Fonon: Darkness
Second Fonon: Earth
Third Fonon: Wind
Fourth Fonon: Water
Fifth Fonon: Fire
Sixth Fonon: Light
鉱山の街アクゼリュス:1万人 ※

総計 約150万人弱

Malkuth National Census
The Floating Imperial City, Grand Chokmah: 600,000
The Fortified City, St. Binah: 250,000
The Silvery Snowland, Keterberg: 100,000
The Grocer's Village, Engeve: 20,000
The Mining Town, Akzeriuth: 10,000(*)

Total population of the Malkuth Empire:
approx. 1,450,000
(*) Akzeriuth belongs to the Malkuth Empire.
Seventh Fonists
Seventh Fonists
Fonists who can use the Seventh Fonon, which requires a particular inherent trait, are known as Seventh Fonists.
Seventh Fonists are also called Scorers or Healers, depending on their abilities.
The Seventh Fonon is difficult even for top-class fonists and fonology researchers to control, and it is not yet completely understood.
The Fon Slot Seal
The Fon Slot Seal
The fon slot seal is a way to prevent fonists from using fonic artes, by placing a kind of fonic seal on the target's fon slots, nullifying his or her power.
Unlike ordinary fonic seals, which only affect artes in use, the fon slot seal acts directly on the fonist, preventing all use of fonic abilities.
In order to remove the fon slot seal, the proper key to the seal must be found; for more complex seals, this key can change periodically, making it extremely difficult to overcome.
The Seventh Fonon Explained
The Seventh Fonon Explained
A type of fonon distinct from the First through Sixth Fonons; unlike them, it is not associated with a particular element. The memory particles that swirl about in the planet's core flow out through the radiation gate, heading for the fon belt. The Planet Storm takes them around Auldrant and then back through the fon belt once more, finally flowing into the core through the Absorption Gate.
These memory particles fuse with the First through Sixth Fonons and transform into Seventh Fonons.