• Jade's the one who indirectly broke Nefly's doll. Nefly tries to throw the doll at him because Jade won't play with her, Nefly accidentally loosen the grip, doll flies, and it breaks 8D. Jade announces the doll dead by holding the doll's head in front of Nefly right then and there. (Nefly was right, HE'S REALLY A DEVIL LOL.)

  • He was still using his last name Balfore.

  • Dist's full name is Safil Wyone Nath (サフィール・ワイヨン・ネイス); there is a pun on his last name lol. ネイス can be written as 寝椅子, a chair for sleeping. Now relate it to his chair, hahaha 8D.

  • Dist's house ----- Nephilim's House -------- Jade's House Dist usually goes to Jade's house to get him, then they both go to Nephilim's.
    Jade: Safil.
    Dist: What is it, Jade?
    Jade: ......
    Dist: What is it, what is it?
    Jade: It's okay if you don't come by in the morning.
    Dist: Huh?
    Jade: I don't remember asking you to. Why, I am feeling tired since this morning. [He's blaming his restlessness on Dist, because Dist woke up early, goes to Jade's house early and they both walk to school early.]
    Dist: How could it be?
    Dist: So, so cruel of you! I woke up early and even took the longer route to get you!
    Jade: I've asked no one for this.
    Dist: *starts laughing in a low pitch sense. AH HELL JUST IMAGINE HIS GROWN UP LAUGH*
    Dist: Ah ha, now I understand! Jade, you're coming by my house and picking me up from now on? I am so happy!
    Jade: That is not going to happen.
    Dist: !!
    Dist: I'll tell Nephilim-sensei about this! Stupid, stupid, stupid Jade! Hmph! Even if you are going to cry and apologize to me, I won't be playing with you.
    Jade: That's fine.
    Dist: *cries harder as he ran away*
    Nefly: Brother...so he's gone, right?
    Jade: Yea, what a weirdo.
    Jade: I'm sure there'll be some use of him in the future. Let's go.

  • LULZ, Jade blushed when Nephilim invites him to her room and told him that he can borrow any one of the books he likes.

  • About Jade's eyes...
    Nephilim: Um...it's actually about those eyes of yours...
    Jade: Yes.
    Nephilim: Well, I heard about it when I was in Dhaat. About those eyes. It might've been a mistake on my part, but are those Fonims inscriptions in your eyes?
    Jade: Yes, and what about them?
    Nephilim: It was 2 years ago when I heard it from you. You're still...
    (Jade was 8 back then.)
    Jade: I thought about it, and I did it myself. Aren't the eyes the place where the Fonims are greatly stored? That's why I put the inscriptions there. If I do this, then...
    Jade: My powers will increase by a few times fold.
    Nephilim: But why...? Didn't you think about how dangerous it is? If this fails, you won't be able to see forever.
    Jade: There aren't any other ways.
    Jade: You wouldn't understand this because you're born with the 7th Fonim.
    Nephilim: ......

  • Jade's eyes weren't as red as it is now. The deepening of this red is attributed to the alterations he did to his eyes.

  • Jade wanted to be a coroner that specializes in deaths caused by Fonims.

  • Jade sacrificedtricked Dist, so Dist became the bait and Jade sneaks into Peony's house when the guards are occupied.

  • Peony has (had?) two older brothers and one older sister.

  • Good friends? *While Jade is about to leave from the window, Peony grabs him, pulls him back into the room and whispers into his ears.*
    Peony: Come again. You can't say no to this.
    Jade: !?
    Peony: I'll raise my voice if you say no. The prison isn't a nice place to stay.
    Jade: What a schemer you are, Your Highness.

  • LULZ, Jade throws away the corpses of the monster he kills into Dist's backyard. When asked, Jade says because it will frighten Nefly. (But really, it was just a lid, hahaa. Jade got Dist again XD.)

  • Peony uses the name "Franz" in school, and he claims to come from Kesedonia and his parents are merchants. He sits next to Jade and Dist is jealous of Peony's closeness to Jade LOL. Dist wrote this on the last page of his text, "STUPID FRANZ STUPID FRANZ STUPID FRANZ", and he pounds his fists on it.

  • The name "Franz" is actually one of Peony's brothers, the one of the Queen, not of the concubines.