• Ion (in game) is the 7th Replica; Sync is the 5th.

  • The 1st Replica was executed by Van (and people) right after he's replicated; the 2nd, 3rd, 4th were low on all aspects of parameters and they were either weak, idling, unconscious; the 6th scored lower than Sync on moving ability (mobility). And they (2,3,4,5,6) all got sent to the Zaleho volcano.

  • It was Mohs' idea to let them fend for themselves in Zaleho (without the tossing of course, since Replicas will disappear without a trace anyway); it wasn't clear, but perhaps it might be Amed's assistances that thought of the tossing idea.

  • Sync was able to escape from being tossed into the lava by hiding behind a huge boulder after he was "tossed".

  • After the two assistances left and Sync started exploring...
    Van: Are you there?
    Van: I see you're there. All right then, climb up here.
    Van: What's wrong? Did you got hurt?
    Van: Though I've seen your parameters, that was quite a jump you did back there.
    Sync: ......
    *Sync is puzzling what to call Van.*
    Sync: "It was regretable."
    Van: Huh?
    Sync: "It was regretable......The Synchron level was a problem."
    Van: *chuckles* I see.
    Van: So you recalled. What about me? Although you've gone that far [to recall past events], that is not my name.
    Sync: "The Synchron level"
    Van: I am Van. Van Grants.
    Sync: Synchro... Van......
    Van: That's right.
    Van: Looks like there aren't any burns [except for the small wound caused by Mohs earlier]. Does it hurt?
    Sync: ...Hurt
    Van: Is that so. I will take care of that, don't worry, Isotope.
    Sync: Hurt, hurt.
    Van: No, no.
    Van: Your name is...that's right. Why don't I call you Sync.
    Sync: Synchron level.
    Van: Come with me and wear this. Can you walk? Or would you rather be like those guys over there who disappear without a trace?
    Sync: ...Go.
    Van: Good. But right now, you are worthless to me. You must be stronger both physically and mentally.

    *Then Van branded Sync with a pattern that allows him to draw out all his 7th Fonim potential and told him how everyone in the world all wants to toss him into Zaleho.*

  • Yulia's last name is Jue(ジュエ).

  • On Tokunaga...
    Ion: By the way, Anise...
    Anise: Yes?
    Ion: It's been on my mind...what exactly is that thing on your back?
    Anise: It's cute, isn't it? It's completely different than the weird thing that
    Arietta has!
    Ion: I...see......

  • In case anyone missed it in the game, Dist helped Anise with Tokunaga.

  • Florian (6th) also escaped, and he met Mohs while he was in his secret hideout. Mohs kept him in case the 7th Replica dies as well.