Act 12 - In which Luke challenges cooking? (Natalia)
This is the episode of Tales Ring the Abyss where it features Natalia's Seiyuu, Michiko Neya, as the guest of the show. The following is only an excerpt of the first 4 minutes of the radio show since the rest of the show is generally answering fan mail, talking between the seiyuus etc.

*Door opens.*
Asch: What is Van up to this time? He got me here at the Fabre mansion…… I
wonder what he is planning……
Natalia: Oh, Asch!
Asch: Na, Natalia!
Natalia: What’s going on?
Asch: Oh nothing, I got called here by Van.
Natalia: Van? But I don’t see him here today though……
Asch: Hmm? What do you mean?
Asch: Did he tricked me into this?
Natalia: Maybe he went away to do something at the last minute.
Asch: Hmm, sorry for bothering.
Natalia: Oh Asch! Since you’re here, wouldn’t you like to try some food?
Natalia: I wanted to do Luke a favour and cook for him, but I haven’t seen him since then.
Asch: Uh…I, I am not hungry.
Natalia: So are you saying that you won’t eat it because my food tastes bad?
Asch: N, no, I didn’t say that.
Natalia: Fine, I understand. I am just bad at cooking. I tried my best following the recipe, it’s just that the ingredients are not working.
Asch: N, no, that’s not true.
Asch: Your cooking is uh…unique, and uh…I think it’s a great thing……
Natalia: Oh Asch~! You made me happy~!
Natalia: If that’s the case, then please, eat them!
Natalia: That’s right, it’s a nice day today, if we eat over at that terrace, I am sure it will feel really good!
Asch: Uh…y, yea.
Natalia: Go go~
Asch: Na, Natalia, don’t pull that hard!

Natalia: Tada~ Natalia’s special unique kind-hearted cusine~
Natalia: Well then, please don’t hold back and eat as much as you can!
Asch: Hmph……
Natalia: Oh? What’s going on Asch? Don’t hold back, okay?
Asch: Um…uh….that… What’s this?
Natalia: Tada~ Natalia’s special unique kind-hearted cusine~
Asch: Yes, that I know, but I mean this thing that is in between the tomatoes, in between the bread……
Asch: What is this?
Natalia: Natalia’s special sandwich! I made improvements on ordinary sandwiches, and gave it a new touch.
Asch: P, perhaps you’ve improved it too much…..
Asch: Moreover, the thing that you said you made by following the recipe……this is……
Natalia: Yes, but I didn’t think following the recipe will make it delicious, so I made some changes to it. With this, I think it will make this delicious.
Natalia: By the way, this over here is Curry udon and Curry vermicelli.
Natalia: I also made some Japanese styled beef patties so you can dip it into the soy soup. It’s delicious in the winter and hot in the summer. And in contrary to pizzas with many topping, here’s a pizza with NO topping!
Asch: W, what?! Natalia!!!
Natalia: Ah, yes?
Asch: Um…uh, you, see, you’re a princess……
Natalia: Yes, and?
Asch: Therefore, you as a royalty, you have other responsibilities to look over, you don’t really have to spend all this time to cook……
Natalia: Huh? What is this, Asch?!
Natalia: And that is why as a princess, I must understand the way in which our peasants live!
Asch: T, that may be so……
Luke: I guess I was right to take advantage of Van-sensei and called Asch over……
Luke: Though Asch is a nice guy, after he ate Natalia’s cooking, I hope he could die with his mind at ease……
Asch: That’s REPLICA!
Luke: Crap, he found me!
Asch: Well then, you were saying?!
Luke: Ah, forgive me Asch!
Natalia: Astral Rain!
Luke + Asch: Uwaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah!!!
Natalia: Asch, walking away while you are in the middle of a meal shows that you have bad manners.
Natalia: Moreover Luke, what a nice time you appear! I have been looking for you! I’ve also made your portion, so please eat a lot!
Luke: I can’t escape from this at the end, can I?
Asch: Why do I have to be like this as well?
Luke + Asch: Urgh……