Character Information (thanks to Rheoster)
Luke Fone Fabre
- Birthday: ND 2011 *Speculated to be around Shadow Redecan [7th month] and Ifrit Redecan [8th month]*
- Height: 171 cm
- Weight: 68 kg
- Favorite Food: Shrimp, Chicken
- Disliked Food: Sketchy Chicken, Sketchy Beef, Milk, Carrot, Mushroom, All Kinds of Fish, Rappig Meat
- The original "Luke fon Fabre" is third in line to the throne
- His name means "Light of the Sacred Flame" in Anciet Ispanian
- Van only planned to make an isofon (replica) of Luke fon Fabre, however, according to Spinoza, something happened during the replication process and accidentally led to the birth of an perfect isofon; Dist and Asch discovered that Luke was a perfect isofon during the Coral Castle event in game, but it is rather unclear whether Van and Spinoza knew about that fact beforehand
- Only perfect isofons experience the Big Bang effect
Father: Duke Crimson Herzog fon Fabre
- Birthday: ND 1967
- First in line to succeed the throne
- Herzog is a common family name and a German title of nobility that is equivalent to the English title of... Duke
Mother: Suzanne fon Fabre
- Birthday: ND 1974
- Younger half sister of King Ingobert the Sixth

Tear Grants (Mystearica Aura Fende)
- Birthday: Ifritday, Lorelei-Decan 1, ND 2002 [13/1 (Tue)]
- Height: 162 cm
- Weight: 50 kg
- Favorite Food: Apple, Milk
- Disliked Food: Carrot
- Title: Locrian Sergant Tear Grants, 1st Platoon, Oracle Knights Intelligence Division, under Grand Maestro Moh's command
- She is the second best cook in the party
Adoptive Grandfather: Teodoro Grants
- Birthday: ND 1957
- Mayor of Yulia City
Older Brother: Van Grants (Vandesdelca Musto Fende)

Jade Curtis (Jade Balfour)
- Birthday: Loreleiday, Sylph-Redecan 22, ND 1982 [11/22 (Fri)]
- Height: 186 cm
- Weight: 74 kg
- Favorite Food: Salmon, Tofu (Also seems to enjoy wine)
- Disliked Food: Pork, Rappig Meat
- Title: Colonel Jade Curtiss, Third Division, Malkuth Imperal Forces
- Jade can control all of the first six fonons (darkness, earth, wind, water, fire and light), but interestingly, he does not have any darkness based fonic arte in game
- Developed the theory and applied Fonic Sight on his own eyes at the age of eight
- Developed the basic for Fomicry at the age of nine (Nerphy's doll)
- Created the first human replica at the age of twelve
- Gave up Fomicry research at the age of twenty-two [ND 2004]
- After the Gelda Nebilim replica incident, he was adopted into the famous military family Balfour
- Jade's eyes are red due to the Fonic Sight
- His glasses is a device that keeps the Fonic Sight from going out of control; his visual acuity is actually 2.0, which is above average
- He was so harsh towards Luke after the Akzeriuth incident because the irresponsible Luke reminded Jade of his younger self
- According to Luke, Jade often hides his eyes behind the glasses when he deceives someone
Sister: Viscount Nephry Osborne
- Birthday: ND 1987
- Emperor Peony's first love, but she is married now

Guy Cecil (Gailardia Galen Gardios)
- Birthday: Loreleiday, Ifrit-Decan 41, ND 1996 [5/41 (Fri)]
- Height: 184 cm
- Weight: 79 kg
- Favorite Food: All Kinds of Fish
- Disliked Food: Lemon, Tofu
- His name is derived from the flower "Gaillardia", which has the meaning of "unity". It also bears the nickname "The Loyal Chrysanthemum" in Chinese. Gaillardia is known for its bright and magnificent flowers and the ability to bloom under very harsh and dry conditions
- Judging by the way the shirt is buttoned, the white shirt that Guy wears is a women's shirt
- He and Van shared the hatred for the Fabre, but for some reasons, Van did not involve or inform Guy of his plan, which included the kidnapping and replicating of Luke fon Fabre
Father: Count Zygmunt Bizan Gardios
Mother: Eugenie Cecille Gardios
Sister: Mary (Marybelle Radan Gardios)
- Deceased: ND 2002
Servant: Pere (Peergynt Sadan Naimach)
- Birthday: ND 1942
- Pere and Jade seems to know each other
- His name probably originates from the play "Peer Gynt"; as a probably totally unrelated note, this play was first performed in the Norway capital Oslo, which happens to be Legretta's real last name)
Cousin: General Jozette Cecille

Anise Tatlin
- Birthday: Loreleiday, Shadow-Decan 46, ND 2004 [6/46 (Fri)]
- Height: 152 cm
- Weight: 42 kg
- Favorite Food: Beef, Strawberry
- Disliked Food: None
- Title: Ionian Sergeant Anise Tatlin, Oracle Knights Fon Master Guardian
- Note: Her name comes from the flowering plant "Anise", which has the meaning of "Energetic" and "Deceiving"
- Note: She decided to become the first female Fon Master near the end of the game, even though she is not a Seventh Fonist.
Father: Oliver Tatlin
Mother: Pamela Tatlin

Natalia Luzu Kimlasca Lanvaldear (Meryl Oakland)
- Birthday: Remday, Rem-Decan 37, ND 1999 [1/37 (Sun)]
- Height: 168 cm
- Weight: 53 kg
- Favorite Food: Cheese
- Disliked Food: Octopus
- Note: 1/37 is Meryl's real birthday; Meryl is born a few days before the real princess
- Note: She has gotten used to being helped by the maids in the bath, so she does not really think much about those revealing outfits
Father: King Ingobert the Sixth
Biological Father: Badaq Oakland (Largo the Black Lion)
Biological Mother: Sylvia Oakland

Asch the Bloody (Luke Fon Fabre)
- Birthday: Remday, Lorelei-Decan 48, ND 2000 [13/48 (Sun)]
- Height: 171 cm
- Weight: 68 kg
- Favorite Food: Chicken
- Disliked: Octopus, Carrot
- Title: Special Ops Commander
- Note: He refers to himself as "Ashes of the Sacred Flame"
- Note: The unusual spelling of "Asch" may have come from Schumann's piano pieces: Carnaval, Op. 9
- Note: He was born left-handed, however, he was later taught to use his right hand due to table manner issue
Father: Duke Crimson Herzog fon Fabre
Mother: Suzanne fon Fabre

- Height: 30 cm
- Favorite Food: Tataroo Grass, Baticul Grass, Yukia Grass, Fubras Grass, Katz Grass, Mushroom
- Note: His handwriting looks similar to Luke's, in fact, it's hard to tell their handwritings apart (So basically, someone writes like a cheagle...)
- Note: Young cheagles cannot spit fire without the help of the Sorcerer's Ring, so it's unclear how Mieu started a fire in the Liger's forest

- Here's how everyone's favorite and disliked food is going to affect the gameplay (or the reason why Auldrant residences should not be picky eaters):
When favorite food is added to a dish = Recovery +3%, Overlimit Gauge +1% per pieces of favorite food
When disliked food is added to a dish = Recovery -3%, Overlimit Gauge -1% per pieces of disliked food
In other words, Luke is doomed.