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[Note: This site was formerly known as, was changed when the URL changed. Website under new management since the website needed a new domain.
--the new webmasters]

This is a fansite is made by a fangirl, and it mainly features (background) information that never gets published or released in the North American Tales of the Abyss and some other trivial references.

Anyway. Since I am not a l33t person who knows HTML off the top of my head, this site will be simple. The menu (and also a list of the people that I must express my gratitudes to) is to your left (and I am too lazy to make a separate page for them, go me). And if you hover over the words or sentences with this neon pink color, 98% of them will display meanings/definitions/whatever (that I cannot remember at this moment) to aid your reading. In case anyone wonders why everything is so out of place (or not), this site is best viewed with 1280x1024 8D.

Some of you may ask...
"Don't you have any pictures or scans from the interviews and novels?"
Indeed I do, but they won't be here, because I don't want to get sued for copyright infringment. However I know some people are really desperate to see these pictures, so I will give you a hint: You must be a member of the Tales of the Abyss community on a certain journal system. And that's all there is to it. I will say nothing more. So please don't send me emails asking me where those pictures are 8D.

A note from Tomoyo Ichijouji:
As a person who, as of this notice, hasn't yet played through all of the game, please note that from this point on there are spoilers interspersed throughout the pages. As this is an info site it's unavoidable, but to help out I'll give rough warnings ahead of time as to what has major spoilers:
  • Little to no direct spoilers: Artbook #1 & #3, Songs, Library (except Yulia City), Word Origins*
  • Spoilers up to Luke's hair getting cut: Interview #1, Artbook #2, Timeline, Guest Appearance, Library: Yulia City
  • Spoilers for most/end of the game: Novels, Interview #2, Terms, Character Information
    *Still may have a few vague minor spoilers; more significant spoilers are covered with highlight text
    Main plot and Side Quests are spoilerific to the point you read in them. Side Quests has its own spoiler warnings.
    There, you have my best attempt to protect any from unwanted spoilers. Other than this, I can only tell you to read at your own risk. :P

    And if I made any mistakes on the translation, grammer/spelling, any types of errors, I sincerely and humbly wish that you guys will point them out to me. Thanks for reading!
  • NEWS
    I found a very interesting match between a minor character's name and that of a historical figure, so look for that in Word Origins under "Spinoza".
    --Tomoyo Ichijouji

    As I suspected yesterday in the previous update, the Daath library had a few books that weren't on its page yet, so I typed those up for y'all as well.
    --Tomoyo Ichijouji

    The Library unter Mischellaneous now has books that weren't on there before for Baticul and Grand Chokmah. I found them while going through them in the game today, so I have no Japanese text counterpart. I'm not sure if these books appear only after certain events in the game but nevertheless they appear with the other books in the game that are transcribed already on the site. Plus, I took the opportunity to fix typos that weren't in the English version game in other books.
    That reminds me, I think there are some books in the Daath library that aren't on here yet, so when I find those I'll put those up too.
    --Tomoyo Ichijouji

    I've added a bunch of info bits here and there in the Word Origins pages, including info contributed by drachenmeister. I've also added some origin info I've found, and updated some spelling to match with the official translations.
    In addition, I have added a spoiler guide in the notes up above, so that people that haven't been able to play through all the game can still enjoy parts of the site. :)
    --Tomoyo Ichijouji

    We have a new affiliate! Please do visit Flower of the Qliphoth, if you have a chance. :)
    I've also reformatted the Song page since it seems like the Japanese text doesn't show up in the mouseover label.
    --Tomoyo Ichijouji

    The Main Plot and Sidequest scripts have been partially polished for formatting. As I haven't finished the game I fear to tread into all the parts but I did my best. XP
    --Tomoyo Ichijouji

    Under miscellaneous, I added character information translations provided by rheoster.

    I took out the contact form because I don't have any way to access it so if you write in it I won't know XD;; and put info about the email you can contact us at instead. The JOIN? link now also works. XD;;
    --Tomoyo Ichijouji

    I've put up an approximate translation of the Grand Chokmah library census, and I also updated the affiliate links.
    --Tomoyo Ichijouji

    I've put up scripts for the main plot and side quests graciously provided by ladynadiad. They are mostly finished but will be updated if something changes.
    I also put up some alternative origins of Ion's name, and took off some hyperlinks on the site that aren't working. XD;;
    --Tomoyo Ichijouji

    Here is one of your two new maintainers, Tomoyo Ichijouji speaking. Lithele and I are going to host Souya's site here, so it may be available for future curious Abyss fans. We'll be happy to add any information that you may have to this archive! ^_^
    How to contact us:
    Lithele: lithele at gmail dot com
    Tomoyo Ichijouji: tomoyoichijouji at hotmail dot com
    Also made an edited link banner with the new URL on it. XD
    --Tomoyo Ichijouji

    Edit by Tomoyo 2008.03.01: blacked out a sorta spoiler below, highlight to reveal
    *looks at the last date with updates* 8D;;;;;;;;
    I apologize for disappearing, ahahaha. I have been busy with sch-*gets hit by some unknown force* UM YEAH HAHAHA LET'S NOT GO THERE. I will be having my break soon in a week, so hopefully I could get SOMETHING done.
    I really REALLY do intend to update on the terms section, because that's the part in which I really really need to give it some work that and other stuff as well. Yoshidzumi got onto Tales Ring the Abyss the radio show, and someone asked him about the ending of Abyss (but the fact remains the same, whoever that returns is the one in which the fans wished for in their heart, lol). So I really really hope that I get to listen to it again soon and get down the exact words and stuff like that D:.

    Thanks to nekoixnekoi @, there are English right alongside of the Japanese Daath and Grand Chokmah entries!

    Made some minor changes to Dist's name. (Thanks, Kryptonite 8D!) Added in the library section in Japanese for those of you who can read Japanese and wanted some sort of reference. I am considering adding the English version from the game, but I guess it may take me awhile? Thanks to lianchini @, there are English right alongside of the Japanese library entries!

    First of all, I'd like to thank people who visited this site either through my shameless advertising or other people's referencing 8D.
    I apologize for uglifying Natalia, ahaha 8D. I am still working on the vocabularies/terms that are used in the Abyss. However, I did managed to get the Word Origins done 8D. This may take awhile before there will be any new updates. Thank you for having a lot of patience in me :D!

    Lithele: lithele at gmail dot com
    Tomoyo Ichijouji: tomoyoichijouji at hotmail dot com
        (as I haven't played through all of it yet, please ask Lithele for Q's about the game~)
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    Please do not redistribute them without the contributors' or my written permission, thanks!