Year Events Notes
BD 2550

    Cell Particles were discovered.

BD 2618

    The War of Sephirot. All the countries engaged in this war in order to gain Cell Particles for themselves through the Fonslots (Sephirot.)

At that time, there were 6 major kingdoms and their subject states. The main ones being Kingdom of Ispania, Kingdom of Frank, Kingdom of Kether and Kingdom of Hod.

In the Japanese Wikipedia page, they speculate that Eldrant might be based off El Dorado (since Ispania is another name for Spain).

BD 2624

    The end of the War of Sephirot. The 10 Fonslots (Sephirots) are owned by the 10 strongest kingdoms of the time.

BD 2677

    Dr. Southern Cross proposed the theory of Planet Storm.

BD 2682

    With the Agreement of all the countries, the reaction of Planet Storm is being activated. Also with the help of the Kingdom of Kether, which owns the Absorbing Gate, the Kingdom of Hod started its work.

BD 2693

    The birth of Yulia Jue.

Yulia was born in the Kingdom of Hod. She was considered a prodigy Fonist of her time. She studied under Dr. Southern Cross and she showed him her capabilities and excellence in that area.

Because of her powers that she can foresee into the future, she was regarded as a deviant and spent most of her time alone during her childhood years. Speaking of which, she has a love for Cheagles, who were used as specimens back then.

BD 2695

    Dr. Southern Cross discovered the 7th Fonim when it was floating on the outer rim of the Fonbelt.

There was this part in the game where you can read about the research done on the 7th Fonim in Tear's house. From that book, it was said that the 7th Fonim was first discovered on the "extreme ends" of the planet. One of the speculation of that being the Kingdom of Kether (which is nowaday Ketherburg). And from what we know about the Planet Storm, it seems to support this notion as well.

BD 2699

    The Fonic War.

    A month after the war, half the people on the planet died. This wiped out the Kingdom of Kether and Hod. As well, the miasma appears and the grounds started to shifting. People were in despair and they were separated into two factions, "The Forseers" and "The Denied". The war continued on.

The Fonic weapons used during the Fonic war caused huge changes to the lands of Auldrant. It was said that because of this, the machines that artificially creates the Planet Storm were also affected, and thus from the shifting of the core, it created miasma. (However it is not known how and what kind of impact the machines caused to the core and why miasma seeped onto the surface.)

BD 2707

    Yulia made a pact with the collective conscious of the 7th Fonim, Lorelei. She created the Key of Lorelei and the power of Lorelei resides in it. With the Grand Hymn, she revived the Kingdom of Hod. Yulia took the Key of Lorelei and redrew the formation of Fonims to rebuild the Planet Storm. After the Planet Storm was rebuilt, she let the Key of Lorelei floats in the core.

BD 2709

    The end of Fonic War. Yulia chanted the Planet Score and foretold the 2000 years of future to come. She also told the world that miasma will cover the whole world. For that reason, all the other kingdoms withdrew their weapons.

BD 2710

    Based upon Yulia's Planet Score, Yulia and her 10 disciples theorized "The Float Project".

BD 2712

    The people in the Kingdom of Ispania and the Kingdom of Frank fear Yulia who is being conceptualized as God, so they bribed Yulia's 7th disciple Francis Daarth. Yulia was captured and she was thrown into jail for "turning the land which they walk on into Qliphorth".

    Francis Daarth created The Order of Lorelei. It was supported by the Kingdom of Ispania and the Kingdom of Frank.

    The War of Float. The Kingdom of Ispania and the Kingdom of Frank fights against other countries who supported Yulia's Float Project.

While Francis Daath was fleeing for his life (after he betrayed Yulia), he took Yulia's Fonstones #1-6 with him. He took those stones and used it as a foundation for the Order of Lorelei.

However, as Francis reads about what was engraved onto the Fonstones, he started to fear, and later felt guilty about what he had done.

His fear also seems like a result of reading his unfortunate end foretold by Yulia on the Fonstones.

BD 2713

    The end of the War of Float.

    The Kingdom of Ispania and the Kingdom of Frank won the war with ease. The two kingdoms sentenced Yulia to death through using the so-called International Court of Judgement.

ND 0001
(BD 2714)

    The Kingdom of Ispania and the Kingdom of Frank were planning to carry on with "The Float Project" and dispose other countries that are against them in the Qliphoth. This started the new era.

    Francis Daath regretted what he had done, and though he fears the power of Yulia, he rescued her. Yulia accepted his apologies, but at the end, Francis suicided.

    From then on, Yulia tries to save everyone she can who are still in the Qliphoth. She and those people created what is now the Yulia City.

In memory of Francis Daath's death, Yulia named the street [city] where the Order of Lorelei is located, Daath.

Though Yulia had 10 disciples, but people in later times specially referred to 7 of them the "Seven Sages". Flail Albert and his half brother Valta Sigmund were included, however, Francis Daath was an exception (and he was not included) because he betrayed Yulia.

ND 0006

    Yulia's 1st disciple, Flail Albert became the Fon Master of the Order of Lorelei with Yulia's guidance.

From here on, there aren't any more information pertaining to Yulia. Yet, one of the explanation of it is that, through the years of travelling and exhile, she finally settled at Hod and died there.

From Miyajima, she mentioned Yulia and Flail Albert got married and started the first generation of the Fende house. As for Valta Sigmund who is Flail's half brother and also a disciple of swordsmanship under Flail, he kept on protecting Yulia and became the first generation of the Gardios family.

ND 0213

    The Kingdom of Frank and its subject states started fighting against the Kingdom of Ispania because of the land.

ND 0294

    The Kingdom of Frank and the Kingdom of Ispania are in complete opposition.

ND 0447

    The Kingdom of Ispania was betrayed by its subject state, the Kingdom of Kimlasca, and the Kingdom of Ispania was destroyed.

    The Kingdom of Kimlasca is now independent and the Kingdom of Frank is withering away.

The King of Kimlasca at this time is called Yulius (or Julius with the pronounciation of J -> Y).

ND 0468

    The Republic Kingdom of Malkuth that used to be a subject state of the Kingdom of Kimlasca made a bold statement and declared independence; this gave birth to the Kingdom of Malkuth.

ND 0510

    The Order of Lorelei received its own dominion under the Kingdom of Malkuth. From then on, the Order of Lorelei became the shield that backs the Kingdom of Malkuth.

ND 0516

    The Kingdom of Malkuth kept on expanding its own borders. Furthermore, they've taken over the northern half area of the outer shell world.

ND 0657

    The War of Radiance. The details were unknown, but Kimlasca took over a portion of land that was owned by Malkuth.

ND 0658

    The end of the War of Radiance. Kmlasca won. Because the scores played a huge role in the victory of this war, Kimlasca started to become more focused on the importance of the Order of Lorelei.

ND 0674

    The War of the North and the South. The Kingdom of Kimlasca attacked the continent of Rugnica which belongs to the Kingdom of Malkuth.

ND 0777

    The end of the War of the North and the South.

ND 0783

    The Kingdom of Kimlasca gave the continent of Padamia to the Order of Lorelei. From then on, the continent of Padamia became the dominion of the Order of Lorelei.

ND 0831

    The War of Rotelo. Details unknown.

ND 0864

    The end of the the War of Rotelo.

ND 0966

    With the intervention of the Order of Lorelei, the Kingdom of Kimlasca and the Kingdom of Malkuth signed a peace treaty.

ND 1401

    The first War of the Borders.

    Yulia's Fonstones fell from the Fonstone belt. After the Order of Lorelei announced that, "Those who obtained this shall become the rightful Kingdom that is ackonowledged by Yulia", there was a widespread of disputes between the borders of Kimlasca and Malkuth.

It was said that the Fonstones were floating in the Fonbelt because the Order of Lorelei broke it up into pieces and sent it onto the Fonbelt by Planet Storm.

ND 1463

    The end of the first War of the Borders. Because of this war, all the other small Kingdoms except for Kimlasca and Malkuth were wiped out.

ND 1498

    The second War of the Borders. The details were unknown, though it was said to be related to the validity of Yulia's Scores.

ND 1503

    The end of the second War of the Borders.